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Show Me Marketing With Video On The Internet

Video producer and author Jessica Kizorek presents a glossy, hardcover non-fiction account of the Internet marketing industry and the growing use of video in the book: Show Me Marketing With Video On The Internet. Jessica's book is a manual on Internet advertising and electronic commerce and is not to be mistaken with a how-to or self-help guide on recording and uploading video on the Internet.

Show Me Marketing With Video On The Internet was just recently published by PSI Publications (Illinois, USA), yet this book has already received numerous positive reviews from executives, managing directors and owners of publicity companies. Jessica offers a list credits for more than 40 advertising agencies that provided exclusive interviews that were helpful in the creation of this book. The next page offers another list of nearly 40 more exclusive interviews with movers and shakers in the industry. With these lists and the copious use of quotes from individuals in the advertising and marketing industry – the book offers many different views on the growth of video and how one can take advantage of this medium.

The 216-page book is also available in paperback format. The large font, use of soft colors and photographs keep the reader's mind from wandering off topic. Show Me Marketing With Video On The Internet is comprated of 14 chapters covering why video has become the new marketing tool, how it has advanced over time and where it is expected to go. I specifically enjoyed the chapters on knowing the audience and gauging the success of video campaigns. There is also a brief overview on getting people to watch the video once it is uploaded to the Internet. The chapter dealing with the legalities of creating videos, hiring artists and avoiding entanglements will be particularly useful to people who are hiring outside help. The appendices offer legal form samples including dealings with producers, directors, players and employees.

While I was under the impression initially that this book would teach me how to create my own video and upload it on the Internet, I quickly realized that this is more of a overview or a study on the subject of Internet video marketing and electronic commerce. As such, it would be a wonderful addition to advertising and marketing courses, and college or small business support center libraries.

Unfortunately, there is no information in the book itself as to the eco-printing or eco-publishing options that many conscious publishers are embracing today. For this reason alone, I have deducted a half star.

ISBN #: 978-1-884230-01-1

Rating: 4-out-of-5 stars

Source by Lillian Brummet

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