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Online Video Marketing Secrets – How to Increase Your YouTube Traffic

Are you using You Tube for your Online marketing campaign in the most effective way? I got nearly no results from my Online Video Marketing efforts until I discovered these shocking secrets about effective online video marketing!

Did you know – YouTube is in the Top 10 most visited Websites of the world? It's true – But How to effectively utilize this fact for your online marketing campaign?

Here are 7 Tips To Online Video Marketing Success :

1. Don't post only promotional videos to You Tube, for a successful video marketing campaign it's much better to post helpful How-To videos with some real information.

2. Try to include some kind of personality in your marketing videos – videos are great to build up trust!

3. Take some time to work out a channel profile and a professional looking design! This will attract more visitors and convert them into RSS subscriber.

4. Don't forget to include a link to your website or blog inside your profile – let your visitors know where to find more information about your topic!

5. Include your keywords and phrases in Your Channel name, Video title, Video description and inside of your channel description as well. Try to use keywords with a high amount of searches and low competition.

6. Be sure to tag your videos properly with related keywords – this will help people to find your videos!

7. Bookmark your Videos on several Social Bookmarking websites, this brings some extra traffic in your search engines!

Warning: Not following these points won't bring you the results you could archive from online video marketing! So keep these simple things in mind!

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