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Marketing Research and Customer Service – Use Customer Service For Marketing Research

Both your blog and your support desk can help you in doing that market research based on a number of factors both of those interaction avenues provide. For example, your visitor comes to your site looking for a way to develop a keyword list that will prove to be more effective when it comes to converting traffic to sales. What he sees is the same old promises that all keyword gurus have and the incessant ongoing testimonials.

What the prospect initially finds different about your site is there a link to your blog where you discuss the merits of your methods with your customers and other prospects. Then your prospect also finds links to specific answers in your support desk knowledge base where you provide excellent answers about how to use your product. Obviously you do not have all the information of your product covers as an answer, but you will have a chance to shine in the caring and straight forward way you answer the questions.

You can provide them with free information that is helpful but not necessarily complete. Then direct them to a knowledge base on your support desk or an article in your blog that makes even more sense of your free helpful information and recommends one of your products that addresses the issue completely. In other words, you could show them how you go about doing keyword research and then sell them proof of how to get results.

All these builds credibility and then once they can benefit from the information you have provided, they will feel confident in obtaining their goal using your solution. This then builds trust and value in what you may recommend later.

Once you have done this a few times, and you know your customer is satisfied, you can then recommend in just a short email a new product they may have interest in without even needing the ole 3,000 word long sales letter / page.

These days, with the advent of Web 2.0 Technologies, videos, blog casting, and a full featured help desk, this relationship building process is very easy to implement. You can provide online tutorials and show them the "How To" of just about anything as if they were looking over your shoulder. Support desks, blogs, social sites and videos can be very helpful in this effort and it makes them feel like they are getting to know you one on one.

Source by Sean Mize

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