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How YouTube Can Help You Write Your Best Man Speech

Just like most other men, you probably looked on the internet for help with your best man speech. Most guys do that as soon as they find out they are the best man. If you google, “Best Man Speech”, you’ll find a bunch of articles, videos, and blog posts that you can use to help you craft the perfect toast. You could read the articles (like this one – thank you for reading), but who wants to read a lot? Watching YouTube videos can be just as educational as articles and maybe even more helpful because they allow you to hear the speech cadence as well as the content.

A lot of articles contain generic advice such as, “Don’t read your speech word-for-word.” On the other hand, videos show you the nuance and timing good speakers use to help make their speeches more memorable. This is why I am a big proponent of watching videos. You get to witness what works and what doesn’t by watching a stream of videos. It’s like attending 25 weddings while sitting at your desk.

A very important thing to remember is that in many cases, the actual best man is the person who posted the videos. If they psted the video, they named the video and wrote the description of it as well. So you’ll need to actually view the video and be your own judge of it. Just because the video title says something like The Best Best Man Speech Ever or Most Hilarious Best Man I’ve Seen, doesn’t mean that it’s true.

Also, you’ll see a lot of the same jokes and lines pop up over and over again when you start to watch enough of these speech videos. Either make a mental note or write down these repeated jokes. I recommend you do not use these jokes at your wedding reception. With as big as YouTube is these days, if you’ve seen these jokes, there’s a pretty good chance that the rest of your audience has heard those jokes as well.

So how can you actually use YouTube to help you with your Best Man Speech?

1. Focus on openings/closings – For many guys, these are the hardest parts to write. Focus on what greetings and toasts other best men have used successfully and which ones have fallen flat.

2. Pay attention to the jokes, but really do your homework. Try to figure out why certain jokes are funny instead of just regurgitating a joke that got some laughs. Think through and figure out if a joke got laughs because of the best man’s timing or because it is universally funny. This helps you use jokes that fit into your speech.

3. There’s no “I” in “Best Man Speech” – You will see better results if you do not make yourself the center of the speech. Remember that you’re there to help the bride and groom celebrate their big day.

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