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Design a Basic Business Website in Two Hours



Find a website name:

Go to a domain name service like GoDaddy or NameCheap.com and search for possible domain names. Ideally you want a simple, easy to remember domain name that relates to the business as closely as possible so that search engines will recognize your site ASAP. Something like:

– tilesfromgabon.com
– goldfishcollectors.co.uk
– knittingclub.org

If your ideal domain is gone then broaden your search to include.info, .org, .biz, .co.uk, etc sites. Often a.com site is the most expensive option so going for a.info can save you a fortune. If you still can not find an ideal domain name extend your domain a little ie:

– knittersclub.org
– knittingclubuk.org
– knituk.org
– knittinggroup.org
– myknittingclub.org

Plan what you'd like the website to look like. I draw up a plan of boxes and put heading in each one for what will be on each page ie:

Contact Information
About Us
Useful Links

Use a good host with easy to use hosting software. Hosting services like GoDaddy or Blue Host provide templates and will host your website for a monthly or annual fee.

Pick one or two design elements to run through the site to tie it all together. Ideally select a template which best reflects your business. Navy blue, burgundy, black and gray are good colors for a serious business. Resist the urge to go for cartoon images and bright pinks, purples and child-like fonts without you're selling candy … Most host sites have templates for each type of business so 90% of the hard work is done for you and all you have to do is add your information. Include images of your staff and your physical business building if applicable and always add plenty of images of products for sale.

Get dedicated e-mail addresses for the site. Ideally create several for different staff members, inquiries and orders. Sign up to an auto-responder service like Aweber so you can send out Thank-you e-mails and freebies to subscribers. This is great if you're planning on sending out a newsletter about your products or services to your customers as the process can be fully automated for you.

Set up some advertising for your site. GoDaddy wave me $ 135 worth of PPC advertising FREE so that was a great start! Remember to include your website address on your social networking pages and anywhere else you may be involved online that requests for a website link – if the option is available get your website out there! Do resist the urge to spam people your website though; you may LOVE it but they will not love spam.

Source by Andrea Marsden

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