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Creating WordPress Users

Creating WordPress users may be easier than you think. Aside from publishing works and modifying themes in WordPress, it also allows you to create users. The responsibility and authority of users depends on its level. Their ability to manage the blog varies solely on the role to which they are assigned.

The very first thing you need when creating WordPress users is to log on to your WordPress site. When you are in the administrative panel, you simply need to click on "Users" located on the left-hand side panel of the page. Next, select "Add New." You will see a page that allows you to key in your username, first name, last name, email address, website, and a strong password. You will also be asked to select your role. Roles listed include subscriber, administrator, editor, author, and contributor.

These roles have distinct functions. The Administrator is the highest level of user. The Administrator can change all the settings in the blog, as well as switch themes and activate and edit plugins. The Administrator also has the power to edit users and edit files, manage options, and import files.

On the other hand, when creating WordPress users, an Editor is the second highest role next to the Administrator. An Editor can moderate comments and manage categories. An Editor is also allowed to manage links, enter unfiltered html, edit published posts, edit other Contributor's posts, and edit pages. While authors are the ones who create content through posts on the website, editors are also able to upload files and publish posts.

The next role is the Contributor. When creating WordPress users, the Contributor has the least power among users. Contributors can create and edit their own posts; however, they do not have the authority to upload images. They are able to insert images that have previously been uploaded. The last role of a user is the Subscriber. The subscriber has the ability to read content published on the website as well as make comments. Although sometimes non-subscribers are allowed to post comments on the blog.

Creating WordPress users is very simple once you understand button locations and permission levels or access each user has. A WordPress website designer for hire can help with creating WordPress users as well as a number of other WordPress issues. WordPress is a powerful platform to which a seemingly endless number of tweaks and customizations can be made.

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