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Commercial Product Photography Tips for Online Pictures

The first and the most important aspect of commercial photography is the light. The light plays a big role in the way the products are listed and are shown on an online store. A number of professionals use unique lighting techniques to get dramatic effects and clarity to their images. Products look poor in quality and unappealing to the eye without proper lighting, making the potential buyer deviate from the online pictures and also from the website. Proper use of light can bring out a 3 dimensional sense to the general 2 dimensional product image; making it more appealing for the prospective buyers. Typical lighting techniques used in a number of commercial product photography include soft lighting boxes, strobe lights, a more powerful strobe lights for depth, high resolution cameras, special macro lenses and reflectors for close up.

Another important aspect ignored by amateurs is creating the right environment or scenario. Creation of the right background in commercial product photography plays a big role in giving the right mood for the products on online display. Regardless of the product the photographer is clicking, the main focus should be on the visual appeal of the product. Giving the right visual appeal makes the customer to try the product. All professional photographers know the way to create the mood instead of simply documenting the product. For example, an apple on a white surface is only detailing the product, but if the same apple s photographed on a crystal plate or on the dining table with expensive cloth, the appeal increases, reminding the customer to buy apples.

The quality of the image is also an important factor for commercial product photographers. Professional photographers can achieve high image quality by using the right type of equipment. Any amateur can buy expensive high-end cameras available in the market, but buying the right equipment does not give the guarantee for good pictures. A professional should know all the settings of the camera and which ones to use under particular conditions. For example in cloudy background, more light is required. In this business, professional photographers should ask questions and gain knowledge about the type of products, which is being photographed.

By knowing the target audience the photographer can make informed decisions on the type of product he might want for an online product display. Another tip to follow is the rule of thirds. This rule attempts to describe the place for the focal points in any photograph. The focal points are some of the important areas of interest in any photograph. For example in a portrait the area of ​​interest are the person's eyes. Similarly, in case of a landscape picture ant tree could be a focal point. It is advisable not to keep the focal point at the center of the image. Online photographs look better when the places of interest are not placed in the center.

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