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Cheapest Web Hosting – How Does Just Host Compare?



We started with a web hosting plan with Bluehost. They offered your typical free domain name for life as long as you paid to host your websites with them. Since they offered unlimited add-on domains (which means we can point any number of website addresses to our single web host account and they all look like different websites), we started to buy domains from them at a flat rate of $10 per domain name per year. Bluehost offered WHOIS privacy registration which was important to us since we didn’t want our registration information posted to spammers through the WHOIS database.

A few months ago, Bluehost stopped offering free domain privacy, so we started to look around to find another web host or registrar that offered cheap domain names. We might even consider switching webhosts if we can find a good deal… which is what brought us to Just Host.

Just Host doesn’t actually sell website addresses unless you have a webhosting plan with them. (And then the domain names aren’t really worth it: Just Host sells.com,.org, and.net domains for a flat rate of $14.95 per website address per year. They also charge an additional $9.95 per address per year to protect your privacy from the WHOIS database when registering your domains.

At that price, we we’re better off sticking with Bluehost who sells domain names for $10 per domain name and charges only $4.95 per domain per year for the domain privacy.

Both Just Host and Bluehost offer a free domain name for life with the purchase of a web hosting plan. Just Host’s cheapest web hosting plan starts at $5.95 per month (based on a 12 month commitment), whereas Bluehost charges $8.95 per month (also on a 12 month subscription.)

All in all, I think we’ll keep our web hosting with Bluehost and keep on looking for another place to get our domain names. There are a few great options out there that offer domain names for under ten bucks combined with free privacy registration.

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