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Affiliate Marketing – How to Do URL Forwarding at GoDaddy



If you write affiliate marketing articles for EzineArticles.com, here's how to make a domain name in your resource box send your reader to your affiliate link.

Buy Your Domain Name

If you need a new name, use a keyword phrase for the product or service you're an affiliate for. You can not use the exact name, so get a similar one. For instance, if you're an affiliate for GoDaddy, you might buy a domain name like: getdomainnamenow.com.

No Dotcom Available?

If you can not get the name you want as a.com, buy a.info or.org or.biz. Some cost less and work great for your affiliate link. Here's how to do URL forwarding after you pay for your new domain name.

While Logged in at GoDaddy.com

When you're logged in at GoDaddy.com, your "My Account" page lists your domains. On the top right, click "View Domain Manager". Once there, put a check mark in the box in front of your new domain name. This activates icons across the top of your list.

Hover over the Forward Icon

On the Forward icon, select Forward Domain. A new window opens. Copy and paste your affiliate link into the box. The first part is already in the first box. Keep a check mark in the box marked Update my DNS Settings. Click Preview to see if the link shows you the sales page.

Select Forwarding with Masking

This gives you three more boxes. In the first box, type a sentence as the title, giving a main benefit of your product in 80 characters. The middle box wants a 149-150 character description. You can elaborate a bit here.

The last box gives you 498-500 characters for keywords and keyword phrases for the product or service you're an affiliate for. Type in as many as you can, separated by commas, no spaces after the commas. Click OK when done.

A message says please allow a few minutes for your changes to take effect. You can logout.

Test Your Link

Type your new domain name into a browser address bar and hit Enter. Did you land on your affiliate product sales page? You're ready to rumble!

Write an Article or Thirty

Select a good keyword phrase for your affiliate product. Use it in your title, first sentence and last sentence. Provide good information so a reader can start solving their problem, with something held back so they'll look for it in your resource box.

Your Resource Box

Put your new domain name as a link in a sentence, like this:

<a target=_new rel=nofollow href=yourdomain.com> your keyword phrase </a>

Good luck with your affiliate marketing!

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