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5 Tips to Get on YouTube’s Front Page

Do you know that Facebook gets as many page views per month as Google? And do you know that YouTube gets twice as many page views as any one of them?

These are astonishing statistics – and it is no wonder why YouTube is now responsible for driving huge traffic numbers to some sites whose webmasters are masterful enough to fully harness the power of YouTube.

These webmasters are the same people whose videos on YouTube receive millions of views and dozens, even hundreds of favorite ratings and comments – the very fuel that drives their videos onto the front page of YouTube.

In order to appreciate how difficult it is to get onto the front page of YouTube, you’ve got to try it for yourself. Upload a video, and then hang around for a few days to see what happens. Unless you are one of those YouTube gurus, I would bet my last dollar that you would be nowhere near the front page of YouTube.

But presuming you could get your videos onto the front page of YouTube, imagine what it would do to your website’s traffic! You will experience what I could only describe as a Web Traffic Orgasm! Your visitors’ statistics would fly up up and away!

Since this is seemingly such a mission impossible, how then did these chaps do it?

Of course, part of the answer lies in the quality and viewable factor of the video.

But – surprise – a much larger part lies in YouTube’s system itself! Without knowing how to effectively harness the system and submitting process you will never be able to see the kind of results these YouTube gurus get.

Surprisingly, harnessing the system is actually not as complex as you may think it is and there are actually tricks and techniques to propel your videos to the front page of YouTube in relatively short periods of time!

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Give your videos vivid and interesting descriptions. People love sensational titles.

2. Tag your videos as video responses to videos that are currently hot. These will increase your eyeballing rate as people who are viewing the current hot videos will also notice your video response.

3. Give your videos keyword tags that are constantly being searched on, such as comedy, humor, horror, scary, soccer, cars…regardless of whether they are really relevant to the tags. This will increase the eyeballing rate and the viewers can then decide if they want to see your videos, but at least they get the much needed exposure.

4. Add contrasting music to your videos. If your video is happy, use a sad music and vice versa. This will increase the viewable factor of your video.

5. Always put your website’s URL at the very start of the description of your video so that it is highly visible and induces clicks to your website.

Source by Aldric Chang

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