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YouTube Marketing – 3 Best Benefits of Using YouTube to Market Your Business

YouTube has gone popular overnight. Once the favorite haunt of amateur home video makers – it is now the breeding ground for marketing strategies. And why not? Why, even e-celebrities (or those who become virtual world celebs after putting their videos on YouTube) have launched their careers on YouTube. So, why not use it as your very own marketing tool?

Here are some reasons why you should think about exploring the possibilities of YouTube marketing:

1. Rising through the ranks.

PageRank. Now that Google owns the rights for YouTube, it follows that YouTube will be given a priority in Google's PageRanking. People using Google search engine will probably see YouTube catapult ahead of the line, which is a great way to maximize your site's visibility in the virtual world.

2. Spare your corporate site the bandwidth drain that comes with streaming video.

For companies, generating exposure or new business via YouTube may be low in priority. However, some business are finding it as a great place to keep and park video clips using bandwidth of YouTube with just a simple link from their corporate site.

3. Create your own customer and channel base.

Every time you post a video in your account, YouTube creates a profile channel. Avid viewers can be part of that channel and subscribe to it. Businesses can then send newsletters via e-mails to those subscribers.

Embrace technology and let it help you with your business. It has work for a lot of people, so, you may as well jump in the bandwagon and use YouTube marketing. And if it does not work – no worries, it's free.

Source by Fabian Tan

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