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YouTube Famous

So you want to become famous on YouTube? I can give you some basic tips that may help you. It’s even possible to make money if you receive enough views. YouTube is a great way to get noticed with hardly any effort at all. With just a video/web camera in hand, you too can be on TV.

YouTube has become well known throughout the online community and has also been acknowledged on national TV. Anyone with video can post online and share their experiences, ideas and entertainment with others. Thanks to YouTube, we can all become our own producers, actors, directors and editors.

Before uploading your first video, I would advise having three “shows” before doing so. You don’t want to disappoint your fans by making them wait around for another video. By having a few videos on hand, you can keep ahead of the game.

Try to use a video camera instead of a web camera if possible. I know they are much more expensive but the quality is much better and show your audience your professional side. It also helps to have a separate microphone (one like on a boom). If you can afford one, you can take a computer mic and hang it from a broom handle. Anything is better than the camera’s attached mic.

Lighting is a big issues. You may not have any money upfront to spend on additional lighting but three lights are great to have around. One for front lighting, second for side lighting and one for back lighting to get rid of those shadows. I would say to watch filming under fluorescent lights because it turns people a greenish color making them look sick.

It’s very important to keep your videos short. Don’t waste your time making a 10 minute video because people’s attention span online is very short. I would say a 2 to 3 minute clip is long enough and makes them crave more in the future.

Make sure you have your web address on your video at some point. Maybe at the start and end of the clip but some individuals choose the whole clip. This is a choice you have to make and determine if it would block some of your video making it look unprofessional.

Check with Google’s AdWords and advertising to see if you can pick up some extra cash while having fun making videos. Maybe you could sell a spot for a quick introduction before your video airs.

Most importantly make sure you have fun. This is about you having a great time making videos and enjoying the idea of sharing your creativity with others. I hope this helped take out the fear of getting online and creating your own show. Happy video making!

Source by Michael S Taylor

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