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Website Hosting Guide – How to Switch Your Web Host With Zero Down Time



One of the scariest problems that we have with our website is the drop of performance. This often happens when your website needs greater service in places like storage or bandwidth. During this kind of situation, there is no need for panic because we can simply switch from one hosting to another hosting. There are no worries when you think of this procedure because the internet is very powerful at redirecting the websites. All you have to do is select which sort of package you need so that you website will have a better performance, no downtime and it will be actually ready in your new hosting in just one day.

Before you start the switch from the old host to the new one, you should backup all your information and files. Ensure that you have everything backup because all the files that you backup will have the content of your website with the new hosting. You should also backup the database from the old website. Make sure you even backup the database which is still under testing as well. To be extra sure of your content, you should make a list of all the files that you have backup o paper so that you have a written record. It is better to take precaution so that you will be able to know the location of the files when you want o find it. Details like passwords, login is very important. Therefore, make sure you have all the information.

You can keep you backup data in storage or you could even have it place in a CD or DVD. This is a safety measure taken so that you have the backup even when your website has totally gone crazy. The new host which you register will provide you with a domain name server. So, it is most likely that you will get 2 DNS for you to redirect you website. You must remember this DNS because this combination is the key to connect to your new website. Just write it down to be safe.

Next, you will probably have to make a duplicate of the email account on your new hosting. This configuration is simple but make sure that you record all the required details like username, SMTP server, pop server, IMAP server and the ports that they are using. The port is important because most of the host will usually change the port for the use of the email.

Once you have settled everything with the new host, all you have left to do next is to upload all you backed up files on to the new host. You should have your new folders copied over he old ones. It is up to you to keep files organize and similar to the structure of the old website. This will help you to maintain so that you will not run into confusion state with all the information overloading in you mind. Having said that, bear in mind that the old website is actually still running. The only things is when people go to your website, it will be redirected to your new website in the new host.

After all your data is copied, you must create a replication of any database that is created in the old website. The idea is like making a mirror of the old website on to the new website. When we enter the new DNS address into the old website's setting, everything will be seamless. Therefore, we need everything on the new host to be as close as possible to the one in the old host. When this is done, you will have all of your data backed up. You will also have the new DNS server address to each your website on the new host. The database on your new host is also created with the same information as the database on the old host. Now, you are ready to put up a notice in your website using the old host notifying your visitors that you are currently updating the website. Also inform that any errors are temporary as your system will be back up running in not time.

Now is the time to point your old website to the new website in the new host. You must find you DNS settings in the control panel of the web host. Proceed to enter the new web host's DNS primary address and DNS2 as the secondary. You should be able to find your DNS easily in the control panel. If you face any problems, please contact the administrator of the web host company and they will be able to assist you in this matter.
After you entered the new DNS server address, it will typically take up to 24 hours for the DNS to work out in the internet. In this time-length, there is a probability that your website will go down. Usually for around 5 to 10 minutes at most. If you are lucky, you will not experience any downtime at all.

So, after completing all the procedures, you have successfully transferred you website from the old host to the new host. Once the DNS completely resolves, you can proceed with the demolition of your old website.

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