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The Forgotten Market

There are a great many online business people who are
forgetting the potential that this particular forgotten
market can be providing them. The forgotten market I
am referring to is the off-line market and as for the
potential, it could prove to be quite profitable for you.
What you need to do though, is take the blinders off
and focus on "all potentials" NOT JUST the one track
mindset of setting up campaigns geared toward the
online market.

I understand that setting up an email campaign geared
to the online market is easy in more ways than one. I
mean the online community already "gets it" as far as
how the internet and online marketing works, therefore
the "education" is not necessarily warranted or needed.
Based on that it takes maybe less time to see the fruits
of your labor.


What you are contending with when targeting just the
"online" market is saturation. Those online stand a good
chance of already being exposed to someone from your
particular program already sending them something, therefore
your message is lost.

The offline market however has not been exposed and
therefore you have a fresh audience to target your message
to. The question is "how do I reach them?"

I'll get to the "how do I" in a second, but first let me explain
to you WHY I am so bent on you considering the offline market.
I have worked with my local Enterprise Center – in Ontario (Canada)
these Centers provide those who want to start a business with
information / support and guidance to get up and running. What I have
done is sat down with my local center and asked, based on the
coaches experience, what seemed to be some of the bigger
challenges that their clients have been asking for help with.
The major response in the area of ​​marketing, more
specfically online marketing and how to get their business

These people are offline and therefore are the "forgotten
market "that I was referring to.

The reaching them quite frankly is the easy part of this
whole process. What I did was, through talking with the
business coaches, it made arrangements to facilitate a
series of workshops geared towards online marketing
and how to get a business online. It took a little work
in writing the seminar, however, the end results were
incredible. See, by doing these workshops I had a room
of 20-35 targeted "visitors" to my workshop. They were
there because they were INTERESTED in what the topic
was and were looking for INFORMATION to help them.

Within the confines of my workshop I was able to weave
in my affiliate programs – the ones that related to the
topic at hand. I explained how these products / services
worked for them – the basic "WHY DO YOU NEED THESE
IN YOUR LIFE "process. I also shared information that
would help them know what to look for when looking for
these specific products / services. Therefore, I am building
trust and rapport with them.

The end result ??? I sold several products / services to these
people and added to my affiliates. For those who were not
quite ready yet to purchase, they signed up for my newsletter
that deals specifically with the topic and again hits home why
These products / services are beneficial to them when they
come online.

It was a huge win / win. The attendees received some good,
solid information, the kind that helped them make a more
informed buying decision. I received not only 25-35 SOLID
members to my affiliate programs and / or made sales for the
products / services I was promoting … but, it pegged me as their
expert to the point where and if I decide to put on more
seminaries they want to know.


Pretty powerful !!

It is not hard to put on a workshop or seminar, it takes a little
time, but the end results are far worth it.

Give it a shot, the first seminar may be a bit nerve racking for
you, but get one under your belt and you will see just how
effective it can be and you'll add it into your marketing mix
for sure !!

Source by Denise Ryder

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