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Review of Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate a Scam! Is It?

First of all let's get this straight Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. They will not take your money and run. They have many great resources that will help you succeed in internet marketing. However you are probably curious to know what exactly they offer and whether Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

If you're a beginner Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get started. Sure you do not absolutely need them to get started on internet marketing but let me tell you it will make your life a whole lot easier. And the great community and resources at Wealthy Affiliate will give you the upper hand over someone trying to make it on their own. If you get fed up and frustrated the people at their will not let you quit I've read many stories on the "General Success" thread about how people were about to give up were able to turn it around and become successful.

At Wealthy Affiliate the first thing you that I suggest you go through is the 8 Week Action plan. The 8 Week Action plan alone makes it better than any of the ebooks out there. The 8 Week Action plan will guide you step-by-step, week-by-week in getting you started. The 8 Week Action plan is constantly updated this sets it apart from the ebooks out there. However the best thing about the 8 week action plan is that if you have any questions you can just ask in the Wealthy Affiliate forum or you can ask Kyle and Carson directly. This in itself is priceless. The community will literally hold your hand till you learn to walk on your own.

Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is their resources. They have all the how to's and tutorials that you will every need to succeed in Internet Marketing. They have tutorials about Squidoo, SEO, Article Marketing, PPC, Landing Page Optimization, Opt-In and many, many more.

Wealthy Affiliate really does have endless resources that will help you to succeed. The resources are also regularly updated and new tutorials are added frequently. Here is a small list of the things offered by:

»» 8 Week Action Plan

»» One On One Coaching

»» Research Center

»» Free Web Hosting

»» Site Rubix easy website builder

»» Turnkey Websites

»» Step By Step Guides

»» Affiliate Network Tools

»» Clickbank Research Tool

»» Analytics Tool

»» Keyword Lists

»» Pre-Built Website Templates

»» Google Top Listings Tool

»» Google AdWords Support

»» Yahoo Search Marketing Support

»» Super Affiliate System

»» Learning Center

»» Rapid Writer – Easy Article writer

»» Link Cloaking tool

However I think that the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is its ability to help people at many different stages of their internet marketing careers. There are a variety of different people from beginner, intermediate to expert internet marketers. This is because the great community and the great resources at Wealthy Affiliate are an asset to internet marketers of all levels.

Source by James D. Taylor

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