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Review – Godaddy Hosting Versus HostGator



I've been with Godaddy for quite a while now. I use them as my registrar for my domains, as a hosting provider and my dns provider. The service offerings are vast and the prices can not be beat.

However as my business starting to grow I really started to notice a few things about Godaddy that made me want to compare it to other hosting providers and see if website performance would be noticeably be improved.


As my websites started taking more traffic saw I began to see a decrease in performance using the virtual hosting services at GoDaddy. I was a little concerned and began to run some online tests, trace route, ping, etc to try to determine if this was network related or a problem with an overloaded server. The online tests passed with flying colors indicating at least the network was not congested. However things were still slow. Either the web servers themselves or possibly the databases on the back end were overloaded.

I had sent several emails to Godaddy support and was not impressed with the timeliness or the reply. I received a single response back after several days that was very curt and only stated no problems were visible on their end. Well, something was not right and I needed to find out what it was. Visitors were starting to complain!


I now knew I needed to try a different hosting provider but did not which one to trust. I had read about HostGator from several people online and saw that they had a fairly large customer base. I searched on Google looking for anyone posting complaints or having issues about Hosgator and did not find any any. I checked their pricing and it was about average among other providers. I had sent several emails into the sales team and technical team and both responded very quickly. My last concern was performance and I would not really know how that was going to be without actually putting live traffic through one of their servers. . So I took the leap and wave them a try.

This sign up on HostGator was very quick and easy. Everything could be completed via their website and a new hosting account was finished getting setup in a matter of minutes. Next I uploaded a root website to the new account and immediately noticed an improvement. Finally I created some sub-domains and setup virtual hosting. Each additional domain was just as easy as the last. Very quickly I had a good hand of domains running very well on the Hostgator account and all of the websites were noticeably faster.


I still used Godaddy to this day and however I do believe they have their server overloaded. Godaddy is simple and easy to use and is fine for extremely low traffic sites that do not have performance concerns. In comparison though Hostgator also has a simple to use interface but the response time that was noticed is much faster and the server seemed much better and did not seem as overloaded.

Source by Joseph L Wilson

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