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Most Powerful Marketing System In The Industry Has Over 100 Years Of Collective Experience Behind It

A "stunningly powerful" marketing system that thread out the old business model of selling and telling has over 100 years of collective experience behind it. Jay Kubassek, co-founder of CarbonCopyPro did his time in the Internet marketing circus – following the old system of buying leads, calling prospects, listening to conference calls and directing people to websites – and suffering the financial consequences.

Realizing his mistakes, Kubassek took a mental turn and and with co-founder Aaron Parkinson developed an automated system that eliminated the human variables that cause 97% of direct marketing business owners to fail. Within a short time, new marketers with little or no experience were finally seeing results. Combining close to 100 years of collective experience, the system was refined into one of the most powerful Internet marketing systems in the world.

The system called, CarbonCopyPro basically lets its members "carbon copy" the "pros" that came before them. It was designed to take care of all the "technical stuff" of website design, lead generation and Internet ad placement and teachers members to leverage on each other's success.

CarbonCopyPro members receive a powerful arsenal of tools to help them succeed:

o Professionally built online marketing system and website
o Training and coaching by the Millionaire Mastermind Group
o Professional call center to assist with closing sales
o Unlimited email, toll-free and live chat support and more …

The system was built to work extremely well by eliminating:

o Personal selling, convincing and explaining
o Cold-calling and selling to friends and family
o Long learning curves, frustration and struggle
o Multi-Level-Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

The program helps its members generate leads and then filters and qualifies those leads. It's done automatically taking out the risks of failure that lack of experience or lack of confidence can cause in the old model of marketing. Once the system generates the leads, highly trained professionals from the company's in-house call center follow-up to assist in closing the sales. This state-of-the-art system levels the playing field giving new marketers the opportunity to experience the same results that have been enjoyed by seasoned veterans of the Internet marketing world.

With over 100 years of collective experience behind it, CarbonCopyPro is empowering home-based business entrepreneurs to become wealthy, insightful and self-sustaining.

Source by Doug Damico

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