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Make Money Flipping Domain Names



Flipping domain names can be a profitable way to make easy money online. The key to flipping domains is to be able to find expiring domain names that buyers would be interested in paying a premium price for.

To start flipping domain names, there are three steps you should take. First set up an account at Godaddy to start registering your domain names. I recommend Godaddy because they are very affordable, offer good customer support, and you can transfer a domain name to a buyer just as soon as you register it.

Next sign up for a seller account at http://www.ebay.com . eBay is the best place to start flipping your domains. There is an active audience of domain buyers who will compete for quality domain names.

The next step is to find valuable domains that have expired. There are many paid services available which allow you to register domains as soon as they have dropped, but most of these charge at least $ 60 to catch a domain for you once it drops. The best free service I have found is justdropped.com. You can search for domains that have dropped with your keywords.

Some keywords to search for are loan, creditcard, mortgage, and real estate. There are hundreds of keywords you can search. I chose these because they are some of the most popular for domain buyers to pay a premium for.

After finding a few domains that have expired and are available, go ahead and register them at godaddy. I like to park the domains for a few weeks to see if they get any traffic before flipping them. I have found the best place to park domains is at parked.com. They offer the best payouts I have found from parking services, and I have tried nearly all of them.

If you domain is not getting any or much traffic after parking for a few weeks, you should then list it on eBay to try to flip it. You can set the price you think the name is worth, or you can start it at a lower price and hope more than one bidder will be interested in the name, and will compete to get it and drive the price up. It is hard to know what a domain will sell for on ebay, so you may want to set a reserve price if you do not want to sell it for less than you paid for it.

Many domain sellers on eBay will start their listings at $ 0.99 and hope the domain gets bid up to a point where they can make a profit. I have done these, and the only down side is a domain you think is valuable will sell for less than you paid for it. In the long run if you sell enough high quality domain names, you will not have to worry about the few you take a loss on.

After a while of selling domain names on ebay, you will develop a list of buyers and when you register a new name they may be interested in, you can email them directly and decide on a price without having to list the domain name on ebay. This is where the real money can be made flipping domains. You can register a domain at godaddy for less than $ 10, and sell it the very same day for $ 100's of dollars. That's not a bad return on investment if you ask me.

These are the basics of flipping domain names. Domain flipping can be a profitable way to make some extra money online, or if done right, you can set it up to be a full time business. Many domain flippers are making thousands of dollars per month reselling domain names online.

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