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Lunarpages Vs Bluehost – Compare the Top Two Web Hosting Companies



Since early 90's, web marketing business has become a booming sector. Since then, a lot of web hosting companies were established to provide hosting services in which providing your own website accessible via the World Wide Web. Due to great competition in web hosting provider, it is difficult for you to choose a best and value service provider. In order to let you feel worthy for every single cent you pay for the services, we are here to provide you some attractive features for these two service providers: – Lunarpage.com and Bluehost.com.

To most people, Lunarpage.com and Bluehost.com are not a strange name. But what are so special about them and what are the other extra strengths that make them different from others. Here, I will disregard the strengths about them: –

1. Packaging

For Lunarpage.com, it provides excellent services in packaging. If your website is rich with different packages, eg blogs and small businesses for enterprise, then Lunarpage.com will be your good choice because it is able to package them neatly and clearly.

For Bluehost.com, its packaging feature is poorer comparing Lunarpage.com. Comparing between Lunarpage.com and Bluehost.com, the first one brings you hassle free in searching and dealing.

2. Window Hosting

Comparing between the Lunarpage.com and Bluehost.com, only Lunarpage.com has the Window Hosting feature. Window hosting feature is necessary for big business development. In most cases, small business does not much require this service. Thus, as a prudent consumer, you can decide which service provider is more suitable to you after reading this article.

3. Pricing

In term of pricing, Bluehost.com is offering a more competitive pricing comparison with Lunarpage.com as Bluehost.com is giving less features compared with Lunarpage.com. So, if you decide to go for low cost setting up. You can consider Bluehost.com if the features given by this is sufficient for you application.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Based on statistics collected until now, a lot of websites are hosted by them. Reviews and surveys proved that both of them are excellent in overall performance. Both of them are equally giving strong confidence and great satisfaction to customers.

5. User Friendly Hosting Panels

After reading the above, both are them have their own strength. Regardless of these, both of them are user friendly. Beside, both of them also provide other fundamental features like CPanel, Fantastico, Email Services, Sub domains, etc.

As a conclusion, you as a prudent customer have the choice to decide which service provider is more suitable for your business. If you are planning to go for a large scale business, you can choose Lunarpage.com which can provide you lots of stuffs. Meanwhile, if you are planning to go for low budget setting, which features wise able to meet your requirement, you can choose Bluehost.com

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