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How to Transfer Domain Names



Transferring domain names was like a foreign language to me up until recently when I sold one of my businesses. Then I had to take a fast track in learning how to transfer a domain name quickly!

And I'm assuming I'm not the only one out there that would not be sure on how to transfer a domain name. So if you are thinking of selling off some of your domain names but were not sure on how to do a domain name transfer, you may find this article helpful.

My experience with domain name transfers was with godaddy, so I'll step you through the process I took to transfer my domain name to someone else using godaddy.

Make sure you have all their details, eg. Full Name, Address, and email account, phone number …

Then you just need to follow these 5 easy steps!

First Step. Log into your godaddy account

Second Step. Go to "Domain Names" and click on "My Domain Names"

Third Step. Click on the domain name you want to transfer

Fourth Step. In "Manage Domain Names" click on "Change Accounts"

Fifth Step. Scroll down and fill in the "New Registrant Name"

That's it! All you do now is what for the new owner to "confirm" on his or her side.

Source by Joanne King

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