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How to Make a WordPress Theme – Use the Incredible Artisteer Theme Creator Software

How to make a WordPress theme – no this is not a tutorial on php programming, or crash a course on HTML or any other technical instruction.

If you are using WordPress, whether it is actually for blogging, a general CMS, an article or one of the other type uses that incredible platform lends itself to, you will inevitably get in the situation that we all arrive in, where to get the ideal theme for your site.

Most people probably have no real desire to learn the tedious scripting necessary to build a WordPress theme from scratch, although most of us have probably cut and copied / pasted blocks of code to try and get a theme to our liking, or at least as far as our skills would permit.

After finding Artisteer a good while back, I now know how to make a WordPress theme. I simply start the program and use the menu-driven interface to setup a theme to look exactly as I want it to. There's no more paying for custom or premium themes, no more searching for hours on end looking for a decent looking WordPress theme that thousands of other sites are not also using. Artisteer is both easy to use, but also very powerful in that it allows the user to change almost everything in the theme aesthetics that you could possibly want.

If you are not familiar with Artisteer, a detailed look at the company site will give the details of the power of this nifty piece of software, which by the way, won the Software Product of the Year (2008) ( The Red Ferrett Journal ) . It not only works well with WordPress, but will also export templates / templates in HTML, to Blogger, and also to other CMS-type programs.

For less than what you would pay for a single WordPress premium theme, you will actually own Artisteer and have the ability to create as many themes / templates as you need.

The software is a very good value for the reasonable cost (offered in two versions), is very stable, and the company behind this quality product regularly offers updates.

If you have WordPress working just as you want it to, and the only thing left is to make it look just right, Artisteer WordPress theme generator is just what you need.

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