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How to Find Hot Clickbank Products

If you plan to be a successful internet marketer one of your strategies will no doubt include the promotion of other peoples products. In that respect one of the leading networks to join is Clickbank. Clickbank is a one stop shop for high margin e-books and courses with more than 10,000 products available for you to promote.

The problem with this number is of course how to find hot Clickbank products. There are a lot of products past their sell by date, a lot of poor products and a lot of great products that simply do not sell.

So how do we find hot Clickbank products to promote to our target audience? I'm glad you asked. First you need to develop an understanding of the Clickbank marketplace rankings and what these figures mean.

Marketplace products are ranked according to a productivity score which takes account of 4 principal factors:

  1. $ Earned / Sale – This is the average net amount earned by an affiliate (internet marketer) per sale. It is important to realize that this is the net per sale and therefore affected by refunds, charge backs and taxes.
  2. % Earned / Sale – This is the percentage earned by an affiliate on each sale made.
  3. % Referred – Pretty self explanatory this one as it represents the percentage of the promoters products sold by affiliates.
  4. Gravity – This is a weighted score reflecting the popularity of the product. A low gravity means there are very few affiliates promoting the product. A high gravity points to a competitive market with many affiliates promoting the product.

Putting this information to use to find hot Clickbank products.

When entering the Clickbank Marketplace I first of all choose a niche I am interested in promoting say home and family. I will then sort by Gravity to establish demand and competition. I like to identify products with a Gravity of between 100-150. This means it is a popular product that is selling but the market is not fitted with competitors.

I will then check out how much commission is being paid. I am looking at a range between $ 75 and $ 25. More than $ 75 is a tough sell because potential customers may not be willing to take a risk on a higher priced item. If it is less than $ 25 I will generally leave it alone because it can be difficult to make a profit. It does of course depend on your promotion strategy.

The next thing to check is refunds. If the product is suffering a high degree of refunds ie more than 15% I will keep clear of it. Do investigate the cause though becasuse sometimes the figures can be misleading. Actually you should query any anomaly you see cropping up. Spend some time in the Clickbank Marketplace and these will become beautiful as you become more familiar.

Finally I'm going to check out the sales letter – would I buy based on the copy? You also want to check that a refund policy is available to those not satisfied with the product.

So there you have it. Follow this strategy and you will find hot Clickbank products to promote from which you can profit – assuming of course that you fully understand the other pieces of the internet marketing jigsaw puzzle.

Source by Michael Page

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