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How to Choose a GoDaddy Hosting Plan



Are you starting a new website or blog? If so, whether your website is for personal or business use, you will need to use a web hosting company. About the most popular hosting company in the world is GoDaddy. You have probably seen their commercials – especially during the Super Bowl. But if you choose to use GoDaddy, which one of their hosting plans should you use?

Economy Plan

The economy plan provides the following:
1. 10 gigabytes of space
2. 300 gigabytes of monthly transfer
3. 100 email accounts

If you are starting a brand new website or blog, chances are that the economy plan will suffice. 10 gigabytes is a lot of space unless you will be stocking thousands of large pictures or hundreds of videos. And you will not need 300 gigabytes of bandwidth until you start getting hundreds of visitors a day. So if you are just starting out, the economy plan will probably do just fine.

Deluxe Plan

The deluxe plan provides the following:
1. 150 gigabytes of space
2. 1,500 gigabytes of monthly transfer
3. 500 email accounts

The deluxe plan may be needed if you already have a following and are just moving your existing website or blog. Or if you are an artist or online store and need to show tons of high-quality pictures, then you might want to get a deluxe plan.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan provides the following:
1. Unlimited space
2. Unlimited monthly transfer
3. 1,000 email accounts

Unlimited plans are nice if you just do not want to deal with any space or transfer restrictions. If you have a large enough website or blog to warrant an unlimited plan, you will know it.

You can upgrade from your current hosting plan at anytime with GoDaddy so this is not a monumental, life-changing decision.

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