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How to Add a YouTube Video to Your MySpace Profile

So you're surfing YouTube, getting smiles and laughs from some of the videos when … there it is: The most ultimate funny, Oh my god cute, hilarious outrageous video ever! You gotta have it, you gotta show it to your friends, now, immediately, this very instant! But how to share? Email the link? Nah, too slow, it'll take forever to add all the people you want to show. Instant message the link? Come on, again, it'll take way too long. No, this needs to be on your MySpace profile so everyone can see.

"But I've never put a YouTube video on MySpace before!" I hear you saying. Do not worry, it's going to be easy.

"Really?" Yes, really.

Okay, so you're on YouTube right now, looking at the video … look to the right of the video. See that section that says "Embed"? Yeah, just click on the text next to the word "Embed" and all that text gets highlighted. Now copy. You can right-click and copy, control + c copy, either way, copy it. That's it for YouTube.

"That's it?" Yes, that's it for YouTube. Now we go to your MySpace page.

You did log into your MySpace account, right? Good.

Okay, now click on "Edit Profile". It's up toward the top. You can click on the link next to your MySpace URL, or use the drop down menu "Profile" and then click "Edit Profile".

Now you're looking at a bunch of empty text boxes and freaking out. Stop, it's okay. Just click inside the "About Me" text area, and paste. You can right-click and paste, or control + v to paste, whatever, just paste. Now you'll see that code that you copied from YouTube pasted inside the About Me box.

Nice, you're almost there.

Click on the "Preview Profile" button underneath the About Me text area. You are whisked away to your MySpace page and you can now see the video on the page. Sweet.

Now you see that button towards the top that says "Save Changes"? Yeah, click that. You may get a warning screen and have to fill in a CAPCHA (type what you see to verify you're a human), and once you do that, changes are saved.

"Dude!" Dude, I hear ya. You're done.

Source by Alan Chen

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