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GoDaddy, Who is That?



Established in 1999 under the name Jomax Technologies by Entrepreneur, Bob Parsons later changed the name to what we know now as GoDaddy. It is the # 1 domain registration and the largest host parent company with more than 36 million sites hosted. They own, operate and support their own hosting which is not common in the industry.

GoDaddy has received multiple awards such as the Most Innovative Company in 2007, the # 1 Software Company and the Best of the Best Technology in 2009 and the Best Registrar in 2009 for the 4th year in a row.

What is so cool about GoDaddy is that they offer so many different website and web hosting products it is almost the one stop shop for people looking to be online. They have the basics like domain name registration as low as $ 1.99 and web hosting as low as $ 3.49. They also offer many other things including an online domain auction.

GoDaddy is probably the most popular and well known web hosting provider. People have seen their cool television and internet commercials during the Super Bowl and Rose Bowl games. They have been associated with various celebrities who are spokes persons for GoDaddy. Some of the celebrations include NASCAR drivers Brad Kesclowski, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Danica Patrick. Other celebrity spokespeople include Poker Star Vanessa Rousso, Pro Golfer Anna Rawson and WWE Diva Candace Michelle.

Not only are they a prosperous company being values ​​well over $ 100 million but they do not forget how blessed they are. They continue to donate to various organizations including Breast Cancer Research and Teenage Homelessness to pass on some of the goodness into other people's lives.

So take a look at what Go Daddy has to offer. Its a great company with great products and services. You will not go wrong with them.

Source by Lynette Tigue

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