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Breakdance For Beginners – 5 Breakdance Tips!

So you're a breakdance beginner and you want some great tips to help you along so your learning curve is shorter! Well then read below for some great tips for the breakdance beginner.

1. Join A Club – Find a place in your area where all the local breakdancers all hang out and train together. You'll meet loads of new friends, get some awesome advice and you'll be inspired as well. This is my first and most important tip.

2. Watch YouTube – YouTube is an incredible resource! You'll find every single breakdance move in existence fully explained. Watch it through lots of times to get the flow of the move in your head. This will make it easier when it comes to practicing the move yourself.

3. Stretch – Make sure you warm up and then stretch during every training session. The stretching you should do should be the bouncing dynamic stretches as this is closer to actual breakdance moves. I personally do not think that normal static stretches cut it for breakancing. Watch YouTube for some dynamic stretches.

4. Compete – You'll soon be itching to compete! Hopefully your area has occasional competitions and jams. Talk to your buddies at the club or society you attend to find out when and where they are! You'll never be more inspired to train harder than after you've attended a big jam.

5. Train – Train as much as you can! Train every single move over and over again. This will help your moves become smooth and clinical.

Source by Charlie D Valentino

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