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5 Ways Your Church Can Communicate With Facebook

Social Media is not going away. It is ingrained into the culture. It is not even a generational "thing" anymore. Whereas we used to say, "It's just what the kids are doing today. The fastest growing segment on Facebook is Grandmothers! So understanding that, what should your church or ministry be doing with Social Media. Well, the number one thing your church should be doing is communicating – with members and non-members alike. We have had handed to us a communication tool that radically changes the way we can connect with those inside and outside our church. It would be irresponsible for us to neglect to use it.

Here are 5 ways your church can communicate with Social Media:

1. You can communicate announcements. If your church has a Twitter address and a Facebook Page (and it should have both) post your announcements on that feed. You can post them when they are timely instead of just on Sunday. Instead of announcing the Youth meeting on Sunday that happens on Friday you can post it three times during the week so that all have a chance of seeing it. And, bonus, the unchurched who are "fans" of your page (and you will have many) will get to see what your church is doing as well. You have a witnessing tool just by making announcements!

2. You can communicate ministry needs. Start a members only church Facebook group and post ministry needs. That way, only church members see it. Be careful and do not break confidentiality but you can post prayer requests, surgeries, deaths, etc. It's very helpful for church members to get the news that way and it encourages and helps them do ministry.

3. You can communicate Vision. Why not post something about the loss of your community and challenge members to witness during the week. You can do that with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If your church is having a stewardship challenge remind them of the church's goal. Whatever "goal" your church has at the moment Social Media is a great way to communicate it.

4. You can communicate training. Why not train key leaders via Social Media? How? Record a video training session for Sunday school or small group leaders and upload it to your YouTube channel. Then, email the link to them or put it in your church's status on Facebook or Twitter. You can train Small group leaders, ushers, greeters, deacons, etc that way. It does not have to be the only way you train – but it can be a great supplement.

5. You can communicate changes. What do I mean by changes? How about weather closings? Recently when a snow storm caused us to cancel a church service we did the major of our communicating through Social Media. We encouraged members with Social Media to contact those without it and let them know. In that way, the news of our service being taken away quickly.

Those are just a few ways to communicate using Social Media. If you will start using it to communicate you will quickly discover many more ways to leverage Social Media to help you do ministry, church, and even evangelism!

Source by Joel Southerland

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