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4 Tools Bluehost Gives Customers



Web hosting companies, such as Bluehost, give clients several services for free. One of the main reasons why so many website owners and industry experts recommend Bluehost is because of the vast amount of extra features that you get when you use Bluehost.

There are many services that Bluehost offers to clients that other Web hosting companies do not.

Are you a person who thinks that Web hosting providers are basically comparable? It's true that Web hosting providers do provide the same basic service, Web site hosting, but the additional services that Web hosting companies provide vary broadly. A few website hosting providers offer practice no additional services, or make you pay extra.

1. Mailing lists – Mailing lists are a tremendous way to market your website and target niches. Promoting your website is important and budgeting for this is important. Mailing lists are the best way to build up a solid client base. Bluehost gives customers the opportunity to use tools that makes building and managing email lists easy. But creating email lists can be troublesome with maintaining them. But using Bluehost as your Web hosting company can be ideal as this process becomes simple.

2. Images – Keeping your photos in galleries hosted on your Bluehost website will assist in security measures and organization. Instead of using a 3rd party image hosting company to put photos on your Web site, you can use the image galleries that Bluehost readily offers to integrate galleries into your Website. This also keeps the traffic on your site.

3. Multimedia Web Tools – Flash animations, Real Audio, Midi or Shockwave on your website can be exciting. This works well if you're using Bluehost. bluehost-info.com/&usg=ALkJrhiwaTOByUgXD8Gs_pPRSu8rfGM9Qw>Bluehost is one of many web hosting providers that help you build cutting edge multimedia applications and can integrate this well into your site building plans. And as of right now, they are running a li9mited time only $ 3.95 per month website hosting promotion to offer a shared web hosting plan to the public.

4. Customer Service – When customers are having problems with an order or having problems using your Web site they want to be able to get ahold of you without any problems or delays. Bluehost can help you make that happen by giving consumers a free Help ticketing system so that customers can submit a form directly to you specifying what their problem is. They receive confirmation of the ticket and they can check back often to see if the problem is being solved. Customers love the security of having Help or Trouble tickets.

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