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10 Things I Love about Bluehost Webhost



Web hosting is a fiercely competitive business and bluehost offers users affordable, reliable web hosting solutions for as little as USD 6.95 a month. They are the "one-stop" web hosting solution for businesses as well as individuals who need the convenience of website, the functionality of technology, and more on a small budget.

The site offers reliability, a 24/7 customer service, quality technology, security, maximum guaranteed up-time, and functional tools. They are known to deliver what they promise.

As a small business owner and one who depends on the World Wide Web to a great extent I can truthfully say that I love and stick with bluehost because:

1. They give me value for money.

2. They offer instant tech support. So, I never have to tear my hair out.

3. They stay one step ahead as far as new services or features are concerned.

4. They have a blog where you can get answers to just about anything.

5. They never come apart even with heavy loads and stand by me even in times of stress.

6. My e-commerce has been successful due to the support offered by bluehost. They offer me PHP, POP and more at competitive rates.

7. They like like my caretakers and keep track of space, overloads, and so many technical things.

8. They hardly ever like like they are doing me a favor and answer every query with seriousness

9. The auto installs are great and I am thrilled by things like blogs, scripting language and so on.

10. I just can not count my blessings my site, e-mail, files, and more all function without any stress, screaming or shouting, and so on. Once I decided on bluehost I have had nothing to worry over. They are helpful and do not look down on me because I am not tech savvy.

Bluehost makes you feel wanted and special. The forum covers the whole gamut from registering to cookies; they have email notifications, tags, code buttons, clickable smiles, private messaging and more.

From Matt Heaton's blog one gets a glimpse of how Bluehost thinks and functions. He on July 27th expressed, "… Learn to give value for your customer's dollar. . If you do right by your customers they will continue to spend with you and help your company to go right along with their own. "

Source by Aaron Brooks

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