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10 Secrets To Help You Learn How To Dance!

Dancing, looks and feels like fun. In fact everyone that does it will tell you that dancing in fact is pure fulfilling fun! The smooth spinning of salsa, the hip movement of merengue, the elegant sweeping movement along the floor in the Foxtrot, and the passionate embracing of the tango, yes! It certainly is pure inoxicating and charming fun.

What about you? Do you feel like you have not two, but sometimes three left feet? Yes, when you step on the floor or you are watching people dancing or trying to dance yourself, it can become an intimidating experience, and to be frank, somewhat confusing and overwhelming. I sure was! Rest assure though, that with a bit of guidance, and these 10 great tips, you can be well on you way to dancing comfortably and with good self-esteem in no time. Yes! It takes time, patience and dedication, but hey; you will be mastering one of the most amazing gifts in you for the rest of your life; the joy, happiness and fulfillment of dancing.

1) Identify what style of dance you want to learn first

Do you watch "Dancing with the stars"? Does everything look amazing and glamorous? Why not Go to YouTube.com and do a search of the different dance styles (tango, salsa, meringue, rumba, waltz, etc).

Listen to styles of music. Close your eyes to determine the rhythm you feel more connected to. You will always dance much better to the music and style you feel more connected to.

2) If you can, avoid going solo. Get a dance partner!

Yes it is true that you can learn to dance by yourself, but it is more effective when you learn with a partner because you can practice what you learn. You save time, money (split the cost of dance lessons), and you have a dance buddy to go to different places with.

Hint: Never force your husband / wife or boyfriend / girlfriend to dance lessons. If you do, there is a high probability you could be resented. In the same line of thought, you should learn with someone who is equally passionate about learning as you are.

3) Establish goals.

You need to determine the reasons why you want to learn to dance, and establish goals. Is it to Meet people, compete, to be a good social dancer, to become advance enough to teach dancing? Different goals help you approach your dancing in a different and more objective way.

4) Get a good dance instructor.

Finding a good dance instructor or dance studio is almost like meeting a good friend: you have to build trust, feel comfortable and know that he / she is looking out for you. Some instructors out there are just for the quick money. If you feel comfortable with your dance instructor, that's the one to stick with. Meet your dance instructor prior to the first lesson. This will tell you a lot about what kind of person he or she is and if you sense good energy. Good energy is a plus. Let me rephrase that: good energy is a triple plus!

5) Group Lessons or private lessons?

If you can afford the privates (usually more expensive), then by all means go for it. They are more individually focused and you learn at your own pace and, in a time that fits your schedule. Group dance classes and lessons is also a good option that opens the door to meet people to learn with, but it takes a bit more time to learn because there is one instructor taking care of the needs of many students. A combination of both is the best option and is highly recommended.

6) Do not give up just yet!

Taking lessons is laying the groundwork and a first step in a dancer's life. You will have to practice, because dancing is a skill, it takes practice to master it. Is like learning a new language: the more you practice, the better you are at it. Does it make sense? With time and a bit of dedication, everything becomes second nature in dancing.

7) Be disciplined

Take time to schedule your practices and respect them just like you would do your job! When you have a day and time to practice, stick to it. In a few short weeks you will see the difference.

8) It's all about the music

Yes, learn all those fancy turns, moves and wear all those beautiful costumes, but do not forget that you are dancing, and dancing goes to the music. Listen to the music and make sure you ask your instructor to teach you how to feel and hear the beat.

9) Be inspired

Watch some YouTube.com videos, go watch some ballroom competitions, involve yourself in dancing. The more you do this, the better you become. I have been there myself, and it works!

10) Make it a hobby, better yet, a lifestyle

Dancing has so many benefits such as: improves your self-confidence, helps you meet amazing people, helps you stay healthy and active, and you feel sexy; more than anything you have fun! So grab your dance shoes, and get yourself dancing, and look around, you might see me right next to you.

Source by Esteban Conde

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