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The History of BlueHost



BlueHost was created in 1996 and have never looked back. The company officially became BlueHost.com back in 2003 after the CEO, and co-founder, Mr. Matt Heaton successfully managed the free hosting service, 0catch.com. He had also decided to create a web hosting company that would be built on the basics of 0catch.com, but would be richer in features.

The company has continued to remain focused on its core business which is providing hosting services for websites. It currently provides hosting for over a million domains. They maintain well over 750 servers to support its widening customer base. The company mainly provides shared hosting services.

BlueHost offers a variety of website software. The programs can be installed quite quickly and thee are choices regarding various options. Even people with little technical know-how will find it easy to create good looking websites that may include forums or blogs.

The host also has powerful capacity. It has resources available for the websites they host even during peak traffic. They also offer great value for your money. For as little as US$6.95 a month, customers get unlimited bandwidth, disk space and unlimited domains.

With BlueHost, uptime is almost always guaranteed. The company has been hosting web sites since 1996 and fully understands the need for consistent uptime. They know that when their customer’s sites are down, they will take their business somewhere else. They make sure that their servers get full back-up from UPS and diesel power generators. They have a reputation for having 99.99% up-time for the sites that they host.

BlueHost also provides exceptional customer service. They have a fully trained staff of customer service personnel who are ready 24/7 to answer to any call, email of live chat question by their customers. They also have fully trained technical personnel who can give assistance whenever needed. Their site also features user-friendly instructional video, articles and FAQs to guide any customer through getting the answers they need when they need it.

Another great thing about this hosting provider is their cPanel. It is easy to use and understand. Even someone who is literally a first-timer will be able to get the hang of using it in a short time. And, for those who are still thinking of whether they should choose BlueHost, they can test-drive the cPanel for free. They can check out the various features and find out for themselves how easy it is to use. The cPanel also allows you to install WordPress in one click.

Because of its superb reputation, has a loyal following and the support forum is one of the very best in the hosting industry.

BlueHost is definitely a web hosting company that has stood the test of time and grown. With their US$6.95 per month plan, there are multimedia features that support video and audio which make their customers get more traffic to their sites. We all know that if there are videos, people are more inclined to visit the sites and enjoy. The great features that BlueHost offers their customers at prices that are so competitive gives them a great edge above all the other web hosting services available.

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