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Real Estate Websites – The Center of Your Marketing Campaign

Studies indicate that 70 percent of home buyers begin their search for homes online, so by not having a real estate website to promote yourself, you are missing out on valuable leads! Those buyers are choosing someone, so why should not it be you? Getting a website started is easier than ever, so do not wait!

How Will a Website Help My Business?

Print advertising can be very expensive, and direct mailings are time consuming in addition to the cost. Once you set up your website, it will be working for you each and every day, getting you business. Many potential customers will start with a search on their favorite search engine. Making your website rich in keywords will help buyers see your site first. If you specialize in rental properties in Oak Park, use the phrase "Oak Park rental" as many times as you can. This ensures that a buyer who searches for that phrase will see you first. You can also set up banner ads that run at the top of the screen and advertise specific properties, open houses or events. It's a great way to keep current clients and potential clients in the know.

Using Email With Your Website

Email is a great resource for Realtors. It allows you to maintain casual contact with many clients, and to keep them in the loop about updates and new listings. There are many programs that allow you to set up automatic email responses. This means that clients can fill out a quick form detailing what they are looking for in a property, and emails will be sent out to them every time a new property meets their criteria. It saves them search time, and they feel they're receiving quality service. This also helps you build a database of email addresses for you to send marketing materials to.

With just a little time to set up, your website will bring you business all day, every day!

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