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I Need Marketing Help

I need marketing Help

On a cold January morning in Glasgow I received a telephone call from a Scotland based company with around 170 employee's firing "I need marketing help". I was intrigued and continued to listen.
This company was profitable, reliably successful and was continuing to grow as their annual profits were around £ 3-4 million.

After gaining a background to the company they had been trading for 8 years. It left me with a can questions, "How did you become so successful without marketing" and "Why do you need marketing help now".

Delve a little deeper

It transpires the company was relatively free for a number of years from competitors which is why they are successful. As competitors began to flood the marketplace they soon realized their business at risk.

So, they gave us a call. Having never really marketed their business before we were faced with the challenge of;

• Creating a business strategy
• Establishing a brand,
• Understanding what stakeholders needed through research,
• Building a promotional plan

In the end the company earned a corporate identity and because a quality provider and we used their experience as our main unique selling point (which competitors could not do). If they had not gotten in touch they would have completely lost market share.

The moral of the story: "Make hay whilst the sun's shining" – when the "going is good" develop your brand, support your company with investment in marketing to take your company to the next level.

Top Tips if you need marketing help

Here are some top tips if you need marketing help;
1. Establish your own marketing mix (it might seem useless but the marketing mix is ​​stage 1 of any business strategy)
2. Be something to somebody. You may want to go after all of the marketplace at the one time. You can be just as profitable doing quality as opposed to quantity business. Find an area of ​​your industry others do not want to explore and make it work for you.
3. You should research, analyze, implement and evaluate everything you do – including advertising campaigns. Please do not spend money on cold calling advertisers … it generally does not work! If it's a good idea have it in your plan at the beginning.
4. Budget. Set a yearly budget for marketing and promotion. Every business needs some form of marketing to survive long term.
5. Make time for your business. Similar to the company above, they did not do any marketing strategy, branding or promotion until it became a necessity. Ensure you do not get complacent – if you need marketing help do not be afraid to ask a company for a quote, you can always say no after if you find it too expensive.

If you need marketing help from a professional company call North Star Marketing on 0844 318 0381 who will be glad to provide you with a quote and recommendation. Alternately if you need marketing help you can click the link.

Source by Stuart Parry


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