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How to FTP Files on Godaddy Shared Hosting Servers?



GoDaddy is one of the preferred shared web-hosting solutions provider for many startup businesses desiring a web presence. But as I recently discovered while working on a website for client, it's quite difficult for webmasters to find out the credentials that will enable them to FTP the content on the GoDaddy server.

Do not stress … I myself found it quite intimidating to upload files using my favorite FTP tool to upload files! But found a nice little feature hidden in GoDaddy control panel that allows one to FTP the files without a hassle. So I'm going to instruct you in this article how you can upload the files to GoDaddy using this nice little tool they provide in 7 EASY steps …

First Step. Load the Paypal website and log into your account.

Second Step. Under "Hosting & Servers" Click on "My Hosting Account"

Third Step. Click on the "Open" link against the website for which you want to upload the files for. The "Control Panel" will open in a new window / tab.

Fourth Step. In he Control Panel, click on the "Content" tab and the corresponding pane with its icons will appear.

Fifth Step. Click on the "FTP Tools" icon.

Sixth Step. If the FTP applet is not installed on your PC, it will prompt you do so. If nothing happens, you may need to download and install the latest version of JRE on you PC.

Seventh Step. Once the FTP applet is loaded, you can transfer files easily to and from your PC to the web server just as you would use your favorite FTP tool.

That's it! You can now upload or download files easily on GoDaddy shared hosting servers.

Source by Vibhu Bansal

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