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Nameserver Transfer A Godaddy Domain To Bluehost

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Learn How To Transfer A Domain Through GoDaddy To Bluehost In Seconds. A Nameserver Transfer Only Takes 2 Minutes! Plus, You Do Not Have To Wait For ICANN Transfer Restrictions. ICANN Restrictions Can Take Up To 90 Days. This Is The Fastest Way To Get Started With Your Domain. For Questions On The Nameserver Transfers, Please Contact Us. Or Email Me At Admin@Desk100.Com



  1. Login
  2. Go To Products
  3. Click “DNS” Button By The Domain You Wish To Transfer
  4. Scroll Down The Page To “Nameserver”
  5. Click “Change Nameserver”
  6. Select Custom, On Row 1 Paste “ns1.bluehost.com”
  7. On Row 2 Paste “ns1.bluehost.com”


  1. Login
  2. Go To Domain
  3. Go To Assign
  4. Paste Domain Name You Want To Transfer In The First Box
  5. Skip Box 2
  6. Select Assignment Style In Box 3 *Default Addon Domain*
  7. Create New Directory
  8. Assign Domain

Watch the nameserver tutorial

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