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About Help Desk 100

What Is Help Desk?

Help Desk 100 is a free IT service dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses through online video tutorials that are fun to watch.

How Do We Help?

Search our index of helpful IT tutorials, or send us an email and we’ll help solve the problem for you! We love to make custom videos for IT solutions.

Help Desk Tutorials

Our videos are perfect for personal or business use!
Check out our large variety of helpful IT tutorials.

Email Support

Do you have a specific tech problem you need solved?
Email us your concern and we’ll give it our best shot!

Make Business Easy With Help Desk

Outsource Your Tech Support To Us!

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Customers Have An Issue

Email us for our help desk business packages. We’ll provide specific tech support for all your clients for a affordable monthly fee.
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Organize, Prioritize Tickets

We’ll organize custom support tutorials and make them easily accessible to all your clients.
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Custom Call Support

Our premium clients will receive U.S. based call support. This is quicker and easier than any other service.
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Issue Free Software

Stop losing clients over technical difficulties, your clients will be amazed with our detailed technical support tutorials, emails and calls.
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Transform Communication

Stop depending on inexperienced customer support from India. Leave a lasting impression when you rely on U.S. based IT experts.
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Spend Less Time

Our service is designed to improve response time but more importantly, response quality.

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