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How To Build A WordPress Website


So you want to build a website? They have the potential to passively make you thousands of dollars per month as passive income. But, how do you start? Here’s a free tutorial on how to build a WordPress website with Bluehost. You’ll first need to buy the $3/month or $5/month hosting on Bluehost. You’ll also need a new domain for $10/year. It’s optional to buy a template from Themeforest.

This Youtube tutorial will show you how to install WordPress to Bluehost. You’ll also learn how to build a WordPress website. We’ll start with adding a theme, creating a menu and then segment over to the next video tomorrow. This will be a 2 week video segment!

For more help with Bluehost or WordPress visit Help Desk 100 Home

For paid help WordPress or Bluehost visit Turn Technology Solutions

how to build a wordpress website